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Hi there, I’m Samantha! I am an Idaho Falls Photographer, illustrator, graphic designer and mom of two. My work has been featured on products in Whole Foods, in local wedding magazines, and other publications.

My studies brought me from upstate New York to Idaho in 2008. Shortly after that, I decided to settle down in Idaho Falls and open my photography business. I have loved the wild journey of being a wedding photographer these past eleven years. I am so grateful for every client I've been blessed to work with and my hope for the future is that God will continue to connect me with the right people.

I love vacationing in upstate New York, drawing, skiing, exercising, traveling, and cozying up on the couch to watch a good movie. I consider myself a real foodie and am passionate about healthy living. 

I enjoy traveling and I’m always up for an adventure. I've photographed families and weddings in Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Texas, New York and Wyoming. It would be an honor to be your photographer and my promise to you is that I will put as much care into your photos as I would for my own family!

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I am a wearer of many hats and an experienced juggler of tasks. Mom, photographer, artist, chef, chauffeur, maid, tutor, nurse, you name it! You can usually find me at home, under a cozy blanket, editing pictures for hours on end! When I’m not fulfilling my most important role of being a mother, I’m working with wonderful couples who are fearlessly and excitedly starting their new lives together. It is light, love and connection that inspires me and that is why I choose my focus to be on couples and weddings.